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Building a world class e-Learning course does not have to involve filling in hours of paperwork, convoluted models, and bloated processes. We make creating and launching an effective custom online course refreshingly simple and straight forward.


At Digital Jewels, we have the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to create expertly designed online courses that are faithful to your vision and learning goals.
Whether you want to take a traditional in person learning program and translate it online, migrate learning content from an existing online education platform or website, or develop a new online program from scratch, we’ve got you covered and can guarantee a smooth, easy, and accurate transition.
Our expert development team can ensure that your course contains the rich multi-media and dynamic user interactive components that current and future learners demand. From discussion boards, to real time chat, to videos and interactive quiz and test games, our specialists ensure that your educational offering is as enjoyable as it is informative.

  • Diagnostics: This phase involves project planning, using an assessment scoping methodology to define the scope of the assessment based on identifying relevant business drivers for IT, and the conduct of a rigorous assessment of organizations’ IT Process capabilities based on the COBIT 5 Process Assessment Model (PAM) and ISO/IEC 33002:2015, Information Technology—Process assessment. The targeted capability level for each IT Process is also defined and compared with the current capability level for each IT Process.
  • Design: This involves the development of an IT Process Improvement Blueprint and Roadmap based on the IT Process Assessment results which illustrate the as-is status of the selected IT Processes. Actionable improvement practices and activities for the Governance and Management of each of the selected IT Processes are recommended where deficiencies or gaps may exist between the current and targeted capability levels.
  • Implementation: This involves providing detailed guidance and project management support for establishing feasible and practical solutions for the implementation of the recommendation specified in the IT Process Improvement Blueprint and Roadmap. The improvement practices and activities for the selected IT Processes are prioritized into; immediate tactical, medium term strategic and long-term game-changing for implementation. This phase also involves communication and awareness and project monitoring systems to ensure that recommendation are implemented.
  • Compliance and Assessment: This phase involves the review of the overall success of the IT Process improvement initiative based on the transition of the implemented management and governance practices and activities into normal business operations. Performance metrics are used to monitor the achievement of IT Process improvements and provide details of continuous improvement actions by focusing on the targeted capability level of each of the IT Processes as against the performance of the implemented practices and activities.

And for those looking for independent online education that reduces administrative costs and burdens, we know exactly what you need. Digital Jewels can build effective and entertaining self-directed, online courses that feature auto-grading tests, self-teaching lessons, and can even automatically generate a custom certificate for your learners upon completion of your course!
We can also create hybrid courses that seamlessly integrate both offline and online learning activities, or even produce blended approaches that include other learning mediums such as mobile technology, rich media, workshops, live seminars and more.