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Specialized Recruitment and Outsourcing Services

Digital Jewels Limited is an Information Value Chain Consulting Firm that seeks to provide the skills, knowledge and expertise to assess and strengthen the capacity and capability of organisations to utilise Information, Internet and Communications Technology to strategic advantage. Since inception we have established a regular and loyal client base, both national and international, by providing a professional and friendly service. Our unique market position means we are able to offer employers access to competent and specialized professionals and skilled job seekers in the areas of Information Technology, e-business, Project Management and related professions.

Permanent and Temporary

We offer both permanent and temporary recruitment services supplying candidates for direct recruitment to our clients or as an outsource service depending on our client’s choice.

Why use Digital Jewels Limited?

As an organisation we focus on those often overlooked but distinguishing capabilities along the Information Value Chain that set apart excellent from mediocre performers. Our specialist consultants use their selection skills and knowledge of global best practice within the context of our experience of the local operating environment to understand and meet our client’s specific needs. As recruitment professionals, we know all too well how time-consuming recruitment can be, a real drain on your staff resources. Using a ‘jewel’ like ourselves frees up those resources and takes away a vast amount of pressure from you. Similarly, recruiting via the press offers no guarantee of a quality response, let alone success; and advertising yourself can suddenly become another costly exercise.

What Digital Jewels Limited Will Not Do

Pull the wool over your eyes – if for some reason, we feel that we may not be able to assist you, we will inform you, as well as point you in the right direction.

Storm or bombard you with résumés – this is what happens when you advertise in newspapers and is precisely what you don’t want when using a professional recruitment service like ourselves!

Over promise by making our candidates out to be something they are not – if someone is not a complete match to your specification, there will be a good reason why we have chosen to present them to you and we will inform you why.