Adenike is an Information Systems & E-Business Management Consultant with a diverse and extensive wealth of experience in technology operations management, solutions design & implementation, business development, and ICT strategy formulation. She is vast in complex technical project management combined with proven talents in stakeholder engagement, cross-functional team leadership, partnership, and alliance building. Offers advanced acuity in technology management based on a sophisticated educational background reinforced with in-depth and ongoing research into emerging trends and technologies in the field. Brings a solid track record in the effective end-to-end planning, coordination, development, and deployment of complex applications, platforms, and systems supporting enterprise-level organizations in the banking, social entrepreneurship, and public service sectors, as well as a career history of success as a key contributor to corporate-level strategic planning and execution. Possesses intimate familiarity with Six Sigma practices, SWOT analysis techniques, and ICT performance indicators, along with considerable aptitude in driving innovation, creativity, and progress from both technology and business perspectives.

Her over 20years of experience spans across various industries – Research & Development, Oil & Gas, Banking, IT, Consulting etc. She is married with Children.