About Us

Who We Are

Digital Jewels Limited is a leading IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Consulting & Capacity Building Firm with deep competencies in Information Security, Information Assurance, Project Management, e-business and Knowledge Capacity Building.

“Our vision is to build a formidable Institution that will creatively, competently & profitably add distinctive value to our chosen stakeholders by securing, assuring, enabling, empowering, and managing (their) information assets to improve performance and enhance competitiveness.”

We focus on those often overlooked but distinguishing capabilities along the Information Value Chain that set apart excellent from mediocre performers. We bring to bear our knowledge of global best practice within the context of our experience in the local operating environment.

Today we occupy the enviable position of being the leading IT GRC Firm in Africa, evidenced by the number and scale of successful interventions related to implementing global best practice standards across the region.

We recognise that several challenges faced across the African continent have their roots in weak governance systems and practices and grossly insufficient skill levels to provided capacity and capability needed for development.

Our solution to these twin evils is both simple and impactful:

  • Institute GRC through the implementation of global best practice standards, frameworks & methodologies that address process, people, policies and are enabled by technology
  • Build up a highly skilled crop of Africans that can compete favorably & perform exceptionally globally & build capacity & capability for Africa
  • Building centers of excellence, One company at a time, one person at a time.

We understand that at the core of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) revolution is INFORMATION, an asset of personal, organizational and national value, an enabling, empowering asset worth securing, assuring and managing: the crown jewel of the astute professional, the progressive business, the visionary corporation and farsighted nation.

We utilize best practice industry standards to deliver feasible improvement initiatives that maximize the productivity of all resources in order to drive operational excellence and achieve sustainable and long-term growth to a broad range of industries and clients.